Agero has consistently been recognized and benchmarked for our success in customer service and CRM technology by a number of independent professional organizations and major media publications.

Companies honored with these awards are chosen because they demonstrate best practices, superior customer service and a commitment to quality, excellence and the highest ethical standards within their industry. Agero has won numerous of these awards throughout our history.

Below highlights a selection from the past several years:

CIO 100 Awards

The “CIO 100 Awards” honor 100 companies that demonstrate excellence and achievement in IT. The process for choosing the CIO 100 honorees is systematic and very competitive. We're looking for companies that are using IT in innovative ways to deliver competitive advantage to the enterprise and enable growth.

2012: “Connected Vehicle Speech Interface Solution”

2011: “T3: Third Generation Connected Vehicle Platform”

2009: “Supplier Management Suite: / eDispatch”

2008: “OneRoad”

CRM Excellence Awards – Technology Marketing Company (TMC) / Customer Interaction Solutions

The “CRM Excellence Awards” winners are chosen on the basis of their product or service’s ability to help extend and expand the customer relationship to become all encompassing, covering the entire enterprise and the entire lifetime of the customer. The award is based on hard date: facts and numbers demonstrating the improvements that the winner’s product has made in a client’s business.

2012: “Roadside Connect™”

2011: “VINPoint”

2010: “iPhone Application for Mazda Roadside Assistance”

2009: “Instant Dispatch”

2008: “”

2007: “OneRoad”

2006: “Roadside Assistance Solution”

2005: "Tow To"

2004: "Telematics Solution"

2003: "KIA Total Case Management Solution"

Customer Interaction Solution Magazine Product of the Year

Representing the best in the industry, winners have demonstrated a devotion to excellence and the further advancement of the call center and CRM industry through their innovative products and services.

2011: Roadside Connect
2010: VINpoint

Top 50 Teleservices Agencies – C@ll Center Solution

Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine’s exclusive “Top 50 Teleservices Agencies Ranking” is designed to recognize teleservices agencies for being the largest agencies in the industry, as measured by the amount of teleservices they have done during the past year. Ranking is based on your billable transport minutes for long-distance telecommunications service.

2011: Rankings: 9th (Outbound Domestic), #7 (Outbound International), #8 (Inbound Domestic), #2 (Inbound International), #4 (Inbound Interactive)

2010: Rankings: #14 (Outbound Domestic), #7 (Inbound Domestic) #11 (Inbound International)

2009: Rankings: 8th (Inbound Interactive), 9th (Inbound Domestic), 9th (Inbound International), 10th (Outbound International), 11th (Outbound Domestic), 12th (Inbound Global Aggregate)

2008: Rankings: 8th (Inbound Interactive), 9th (Inbound Domestic), 9th (Inbound International), 10th (Outbound International), 11th (Outbound Domestic), 12th (Inbound Global Aggregate)

2007: Rankings: 12th, 16th, 17th, 19th

1999-2006: Rankings: 27th-12th

Communication Solutions Product of the Year

Acknowledges the most innovative products that facilitate voice, data and video communications, or combinations of them. This is given to companies that have shown the vision, leadership, and thoroughness that are the characteristics of the Product of the Year.

2011: Roadside Connect™

2010: iRoute app

2010: Connected Car Speech Recognition System

Contact Center World Awards

The “Contact Center World Awards” create opportunity for everyone within the Contact Center industry to be seen as the Best in the World at what they do. Whether you are an agent, technology innovator or supervisor, these awards are for you. You have several opportunities to compete directly against your peers in your geographical region.

2012: Best Customer Service - World, Gold

2012: Best Contact Center - Americas, Gold

2010: Best Contact Center, Gold

2009: Best in Customer Service (ATX), Regional Finalist

2008: Best Contact Center Trainer, Regional Finalist

2008: Best Contact Center Support Professional - Workforce Planning, Regional Finalist

2008: Best Customer Service, Regional Finalist

2008: Best Technology Innovation – Internal Solutions, Silver

2008: Best Contact Center, Silver

2008: Best Recruitment Campaign, Gold

2007: Best in Customer Service, Gold

2007: Best Contact Center, Gold

2006: Best Customer Service, Gold

2006: Best Customer Service, North America

MVP Quality – Customer Inter@ction Solutions

The “MVP Quality Award” is an annual award bestowed by Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine on participants in the contact center industry for their consistent, unparalleled demonstration of and commitment to quality, excellence and the highest ethical standards. 

2011: Gold

2010: Gold

2009: Gold

2008: Gold

2007: Gold

2006: Gold

2005: Bronze

2004: Silver

2003: Silver

2002: Silver

2001: Silver

American Business Awards

“The Stevie Awards” were created to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and business people worldwide. The mission is to raise the profile of exemplary companies and individuals among the press, the business community, and the general public. In short order the Stevie has become one of the world's most coveted awards. 

2008: Finalist – Best Executive, Other (Michael Saxton – President)

2008: Finalist – Best Marketing Organization

2008: Finalist – Best Product Development Team ( Product Dvlp. Team)

2008: Finalist – Best Customer Service Organization

Call Center Excellence Awards - International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC)

The “Call Center Excellence Awards” have been established to honor, recognize and promote Call Centers that demonstrate true best practices. To identify and assess these leading organizations, IQPC has assembled a prestigious list of Call Center experts and leaders to accurately and objectively evaluate the true effectiveness of top Call Center Programs.

2007: Best Use of Technology

2007: Best Use of Voice of the Customer

2005: Best in Class Contact Center

2005: Leader of the Year

Award of Distinction - ATSI

The “Award of Distinction” is a sister program to the Award of Excellence but focuses on longer, more involved call handling. Agents are judged on their ability to follow the script without sounding robotic, to give the impression of being knowledgeable about the account, to complete the given transaction requirements.


Telematics Award


Award of Excellence - ATSI

The “Award of Excellence” recognizes that excellence requires a level of service that considers the caller first in every aspect of the call. This award is earned by a company through the judging the handling of calls placed by mystery caller and judged against specific criteria.

1999-2001, 2003

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