Consumer Perks

Your customers may never need a tow. But they can always use a discount. That’s why we offer Cross Country Perks. This national discount program adds incremental value to drivers and companies who use our roadside assistance plans.

It allows members to take advantage of serious savings offers from a growing list of everyday and specialty items from leading brands. At the same time, it serves as a loyalty program and top-of-mind awareness builder for automobile manufacturers, insurance companies, and other roadside plan sponsors.

Members can take advantage of easy and substantial savings from leading brands in a wide variety of categories:

  • Dining /Food
  • Hotels, resorts and travel
  • Entertainment
  • Car rentals
  • Apparel
  • Athletic gear
  • Pet supplies
  • Specialty foods and wines

Roadside assistance plan members simply register at a co-branded website that can be formatted to reflect your brand. The savings are then theirs to enjoy as part of their plan.